The world's most popular sandbox game gets a ton of new content in version 1.20, better known as the Trails & Tales Update. In addition to the Cherry Orchard biome, the Sniffer and Camel biome, and Archeology, several new items and blocks have entered the game. Pink Petals, a decorative block that resembles a flower, is one such example.

Pink petals are currently only available in the crafting menu as decorations or ground into pink dye. Pink petals may one day find new applications in Minecraft, as gamers keep coming up with creative uses for even the most humble of blocks.

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But where can Minecraft players find these new pink blocks? They had to find a cherry grove biome, which was a straightforward response.

How to locate and collect pink flower petals in Minecraft 1.20 update

The Cherry Grove biome, often called the Cherry Blossom biome because of the cherry trees growing there, is a new biome that was added in Minecraft 1.20. Similar to the normal woods biomes, these biomes usually appear along mountains, and in addition to cherry trees and monsters like sheep and bees, there are pink flower petals that the player may be looking for.

After players find one of the Woodland or Cherry Grove biomes, they should see pink petals shortly after.

How to find pink petals in Minecraft 1.20:

  • When you enter your worldseed, please make sure it is compatible with the 1.20 update. If the seed is older, the cherry orchard or may not do so as expected.
  • Find mountains in your world. Cherry grove biomes naturally generate on the slopes of large mountains, but they will occasionally pop up on top of steep cliffs if there is enough space. Regardless, the hills are key to finding cherry orchards, so keep an eye out for them. Additionally, if you have cheats enabled, you can enter the command "/locate biome cherry_grove" or "locate biome minecraft:cherry_grove" to receive the coordinates of the closest cherry orchard biome relative to your current location.
  • After heading to the Cherry Forest biome, simply check the forest floor for pink petals. Look for small pink flowers in the ground, either individually or in clusters, and simply break them with your hands or whatever tool you have and pick them up.

The pink petals may only be used as decoration or a source of dye for the time being, but Mojang may plan to use these little pink flowers in the months and years after the 1.20 update goes live.

Alternatively, the modding community might also have some suggestions for pink petals. While it's uncertain which mods or add-ons will accomplish the utility of these new blocks, the community's imagination really knows no bounds.

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